Have you ever fantasized of creating your own unique pickups to suit your playing style, tone preferences, or guitar type?


Now, it’s feasible!



At 4 Seasons Pick Ups, we talk about your goals and look at your instrument to see what kinds of wood were utilized and what tones they could produce.


Based on all of that, the ideal parts are paired together to create the greatest sounding pickups. This implies that you have a wide range of combinations and variations to pick from.


4 Seasons Pickups can be wired to your exact specifications or in accordance with vintage specifications.


We make sure that your pickups offer more tone and dynamics than regular pick-ups can by utilizing the best materials currently on the market.


So, how much does it cost, you ask?

Since 4 Seasons Pick Ups works with you directly, prices can be maintained reasonable and equitable.

Getting your own custom pick ups has never been this affordable!